How to Implement Digital Literacy

While researching digital literacy for younger students, I came across the video posted below. This video quickly addresses the concept that things we see or hear in the media can either be fact or fiction while emphasizing that it is our responsibility to verify and decide whether or not it is true or false. This […]

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What is AI’s Place in the World?

I chose to explore Google’s AI tool, Socratic, which leverages AI to help students with their homework and study questions. It uses a combination of text and visual input to provide answers and explanations, offering a personalized learning experience. Here’s how it could be used in the classroom: Enhancing Teaching and Personalized Learning 1. Instant […]

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Do I Have To Write My Own Lesson Plans?

Using AI As An Educator I believe that AI has so many benefits for teachers. It can be so easy to run out of lesson ideas or need to add supplementary work to add in to a pre-existing lesson. We do not always have the amount of time that we would like to have, so using AI tools to help in the process can be so helpful. When there is only so much time in the day, and especially when…

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