Summers Breeze

This week’s learning project inspo, was motivated through other children’s books that I have read throughout this week in my classroom. A couple of these books being;

Finding Wild by Megan Wagner Lloyd
The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes 
A Walk in th…

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AI Tool

In the evolving landscape of education, integrating technology into teaching practices is becoming increasingly crucial. One such technological advancement is the use of AI tools in the classroom. One that is obviously popular right now is Chat GPT this particular app right now in Education comes with lots of negative and lots of positive so […]

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I created a Scratch project titled “Scratch Storytelling.” This project involves a character named Scratch who embarks on an adventure where users can make choices that affect the storyline. The idea of this project is to create an interactive story where users can choose what Scratch does next. Depending on the choices made by the […]

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Learning Project: My Final Week

New Learning Throughout the week, I have felt that my training has been going very well. The strategies that I have outlined in my very first post have worked incredibly well. So, I did not feel that I necessarily needed a new strategy to employ this week in my training. Instead, the research I did this week was more related to my future training rather than present. I have addressed distractions, making time, and keeping motivation in dog training, but…

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The Bigger Picture

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend last Thursday’s class, which for me means I only have option 2 as a choice. Which lead to the question “What are my interests in the realm of the digital world?”
Looking at my learning project I think it i…

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Coding Craze

For this week’s blog, I dove into the world of coding. This is something that was completely new to me on a variety of levels, as every time I think of coding I think of people who are developing like multimillion-dollar apps and/or game. Or I think of…

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