I’m at a Payphone.

I am clearly not at a payphone, however, I AM writing to you guys about playing the song Payphone by Maroon 5. This week I wanted to do something new and create a very fast, chipmunk-y version of myself learning to play. Check it out below. WATCH ME LEARN TO PLAY PAYPHONE BY MAROON 5 I hope you are beginning to understand the frustration behind learning an instrument. I played the clarinet and saxophone in my elementary and middle years and I DESPISED it. I didn’t care enough to learn the notes. I just used to copy where people’s fingers went and it got me through to grade 9 when it became optional. I used a few resources this week outside of the one I have used in the previous weeks, they include: Fingerstyle Club was used to start learning Payphone via “fingerstyle” which is a method using plucking versus strumming. It was okay, it worked fine until I couldn’t comprehend what he was showing me and then I used the accompanying resource, the tabs version. Patreon is the medium in which the Fingerstyle Club shares their tabs versions of the songs they teach and many more. I joined for $7 a month and will likely cancel it because I really only needed it for this version of the song. BEFORE YOU GO Check out my peers’ blogs for more instrument learning projects: Janelle Boutin – she’s learning the piano! She is killing the piano so far and has so much more progress to meet! Nikki Cairns – Also learning piano! Nikki expressed this week that she felt like she hit a plateau. I feel this because that was me last week!

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