Learning ASL – Common Phrases, Adjectives and Basic Sentence Structure

This week to continue my ASL journey, I finished the last half of signlanguage101.com‘s video, “Lesson 3: Everyday Signs and Common Phrases” via Youtube A good language tip that I learned from this video is that when you’re fingerspelling, it really doesn’t matter which hand you use! From here, I moved on to the South …

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A (Hypothetical) Conversation

This week’s assigned blog post was a partner post with Ashley Osachoff where we each argued the viewpoints of a concerned parent and the teacher implementing a paperless classroom in their high school English class. We thought this would be a great hyp…

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YouTube in the Classroom

This post was made in collaboration with Ryan Brass.  CJ Isherwood Flickr via Compfight cc Youtube seems to be too big for itself at times. Once it was a way for regular people to share their experiences through uploading their own videos on personal a…

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