Beginning my Blog

Learning to Blog: Trial and Error Welcome to my first true blog post! I’ve posted a few things here and there on this site throughout my last four years of education, but this is the first time I’m really getting in to the spirit of blogging. Even with the (very minimal) experience I have with blogging, I am still a bit intimidated by the whole format, so I’m trying my very best to keep an open mind. Despite that, I am diving in head first and going to give this my best shot! I am a little bit social media adverse so even though blogging has always been intriguing to me, I never really knew how I would navigate operating my own blog, so this will definitely be an invaluable learning experience for me. Even in the short process of creating this first blog posts I’ve run into some roadblocks. From attempting to format the post in a way that makes sense, to writing in a less formal format, and to inserting pictures without throwing off everything I’ve already done I’ve learned a lot and realized I still have even more that I’ll need to learn. Get to Know Me: Some Fun Facts Here are some quick fun facts about me, if you want to learn about me in a bit more depth, you can check out my About Me page! I am in my fourth year of Elementary Education. So long as this semester goes well, I will be a 4th generation Elementary teacher. I have two cats, though one gets treated more like a baby than a cat! I am an avid reader. The last time I counted I had over 200 books. A Few Final Thoughts I am looking forward to continuing to learn about and practice blogging, despite how daunting this whole scenario seemed at first. Even though I know I have a long way to go in getting a handle on this format of writing and posting, I am definitely feeling the fear lessen quite a bit. Do you have any tips or resources for someone who is so new to the process of blogging? Feel free to share in the comments or send a tweet to my account!

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