Big Move = Learning to Garden

    For the last 3 summers, I have subscribed to a local florist’s weekly flower subscription. The weekly drop off’s were such an uplifting joy. This summer is a little bit different for me. This past March, my boyfriend and I made the m…

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My Emerging Thoughts on Twitter & its Use in the Classroom

Before this class began, I would occasionally scroll through Twitter for updates on current events but that was the extent of my use. I hadn’t tweeted since the 4th grade and barely followed anyone new. I recently found my old Twitter account from Grade 4 which reminded me why I didn’t tweet or even use Twitter daily. However, in the early parts of February, I found myself on the app for several hours a day in the lead-up and the…

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the purl stitch

While I was working with my boyfriends grandma last week trying to figure out how to cast on and continue, she recommended a few things to me to try after I was comfortable with the knit stitch. The next thing she said I should try is the purl stitch (I definitely typed “pearl” in the […]

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